Rules for writing ( and some random pictures)

(Updated, as of 3/21/2013)

      Rule 0. Read.

  1. Always for the subject.

  2. Write.

  3. Consume your anxiety.

  4. Become the whispers.

  5. Forget about being, only, be. 

  6. Write down what you see.

  7. Write to figure out what your heart is. 

  8. Digest your losses.

  9. Imagine your possible life on many possible worlds. 

  10. Write about a single rock. 

  11. Write about the distortion of the wobbling  circle that makes up a bubble.

  12. Write about what is there, but what isn’t seen.

  13. Laughter and forgetting about your trivial fear.

  14. We will die. But first comes, editing.

  15. It’s so easy.

  16. Never try to justify your existence.

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