Preface for Vol. 1 Edition One

Cover and Interior

The Portable Andrew H. Kuharevicz is (with hesitation) a book of sorts. No, it is a book; it is definitely a book. It is written by me, Andrew H. Kuharevicz, someone who has been writing for a good ten years. The contents of this book date back from-and-to the years, 2005-2013. I hope you bought this, and hope the hardcover version is as handsome as the writer is (in the mind’s eye). 

Steinbeck’s first major work was an anthology, and yeah, so I guess this is an anthology of sorts. It has been organized in five parts. There may be a story embedded here, probably more just a historical lesson of the times of the years already said. This might turn out to be the greatest subjective history book in print, but then again, we all hope for things, don’t we. Not a question.

So what you have here is a book that has been a burden to put together, because nothing when it comes to writing and publishing is ever as easy as it should be. This book was a damn battle, and enough, enough of the complaining. It is here:

The first four parts are full of newly published material, along with some artwork from my past books that are in print. 

The last section you will find three books that have been individually sold before. This is only Vol. 1, of what I believe will be a multiple volume series of my writing that will be published until the day I die. 

Hopefully this book will be picked up once in-a-while and read with joy, with lust, with hate, with an admiration for the slave; hopefully, there is a place in this world for men like me. I could go on and on, and one day I will. That day, is not now.

Really, that’s all I have to say for the preface, words that will lead you into the unknown of only, darkness and ink and dreams…


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