Day 62 of The Editing Process (A Plan?)

Not sure why there might be a huge space up there. I don’t have the time right now to care. Update:

Worked on the West Vine Press Page a bit. I could use some part time work doing something for the spring and summer, so I’m going to look into that. Anything really, either physical labor or digital, and if anybody knows of something or needs some editing and formatting, visual typesetting and even helping with their blog or small business side of marketing, let me know. I really can help you out. I’ve been getting ripped off left and right by people who should just go fuck themselves… But blah, After my books are done I’ll really get my project list dusted off and come up with an updated plan and see where I am and where I need to go next.

I won’t be living in this city very much longer, I know that. I was sitting on the end of the bed when I woke up, and I’ve been keeping my room so clean lately. I’m not really a messy guy but papers would be all over the place and books and pens and coffee mugs, like I lived in my bedroom or something. But since the editing process started I have to have organizational stability or something, and everything folded and all dirt always off the ground. I close that door and in bed it’s my sanctuary, No books and no nothing. It’s a place for no thoughts other than safety  and when I was sitting on the end of the bed I was thinking how I’m going to be thirty-two this year and I’m still wandering around, and I only have two hundred dollars to my name right now, but shit I started to worry and get down and mad at the whole world, but whatever, what can you do?

I keep telling myself you might not ever have this much time to work on what you want to work on ever again. I got up at midnight to work through the night because I need silence. I messed around with social media, edited and now I’m writing this to get into the creative writing mindset.

Talked to an old friend. She lives in the opposite side of the state, but were meeting up in the middle tomorrow and going to just walk around. It should be nice. Her phone broke. She was really upset about this. I said, “more like, dumb phone”. She didn’t laugh. She said, “I cant text”. I said, “oh man…”

I don’t have a cell phone. I just told her to meet me at the bookstore. She said, “this is going to be old school”. I said, “I’m a writer. I’m old school, a relic, retro; I’m vintage darling”.  What kind of a man am I turning into, god damn it, I used to be a baseball star who hated books, and Ha…

Talking about BOOKS, and so my Books are going to be really good. People should buy them so I can live and keep doing this, because if not, well I’ll keep doing this and die. lol, I don’t care really, it’s just that I’ve been locked in this very small room with my computer and books and abacus and tapping keys. I don’t talk all that much like I used to but I got away from people who drive me insane,  and it feels good, but I’ve really just been working and the loneliness in the darkness of artistic isolation, and I think the way the world runs nowadays that social media makes you want the weekend to come and just get drunk and be young. I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m slightly losing my mind tonight. Really long week. Going to meet up with her tomorrow and find the word, fun, after sleep and bus and book store. I’m not really taking the weekend off but I’m going to be writing in public and living.

So Many of these posts will disappear the closer I get to the release of my books. Most of the people who actually read this blog thing know that I do whatever I do and am consistent with being a contradiction. The books will be done before summer, early spring. If they’re not, that is because I’m dead. ha.

Ok so bye. I’m Going to be posting random shit whenever i want to. OK now for smoke break and brush teeth stretch write-up new section for book and I’ll share some of that and then edit for a few hours and eyes shut key of mind turned off then writing car parked in sleeping garage.

Writing hour an a half. Editing for an hour. Week over. Eat. Sleep. 3. Shower. Shave. Bus. Make shit up. Business. Man of action. Get my drink on.Party. Read. Walk. Run. Doodle. Dance. Collapse. Sounds like a damn plan to me.



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