Nevulos, Part 5

Alright kids, In the Future from our time, even after the extinction of the Rybornetans, well OK  so before Nevulos returned was known to the future humanoids what was nicknamed the great age of, NONSENSE.

After the new species learned about fires and wheels and wars and got passed all of that petty kind of social savagery, some which that even we haven’t figured out how to solve in our present time, well after all of that SAVAGERY went down, the great snow fell and they called this something like what could be translated into the greatest snow fall ever up to this point of our future time, that to them was the future of all known and unknown time, and what was out there, out where? Far out there. You know, in space and within the mind and what not?

They said you must be full of nonsense you mental patient when something like this was pondered by the innocent. The SAVAGE were not to speak about thinking thoughts of what else. Savages could have it all, the dream, but only if they shut their trap and believed in the great BEAST, named DEBT.

The Leaders of the new dominant species let the savages do pretty much everything and anything, but oh no, don’t ask if what the leaders are doing is NONSENSE  Because if that gets out of hand, well then the savages can be sacrificed to DEBT for such, NONSENSE.

And what else could happen, for asking such futuristic nonsense?

They put their humanoids in their version of the guillotine if they asked such, NONSENSE.

They hated when people asked what else, what’s next, and oh they really hated when anyone questioned the collective, the society, the popular, the not so glossy and easy to mull over in their craniums. It was what it was and for the most part really, they hadn’t even thought about any of this nonsense yet. But why? NONSENSE!

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