Notes for 2/6/2013, The days of when…


Thanks so much Jean Baudrillard. I haven’t felt this ‘bewildered’, since circa 2006, my senior year of college, a time not so long ago when I was taking my senior seminar course in sociology,  watching my professor come to class all marble eyed explaining that he died. Who died Mr. Marble?


What Should I do after graduation?

Graduate School.

I don’t know…

Screwed then he said, and

Those were the days when I could still be far out there and not have to feel strange talking to sad old mail man one- not- two, because two’s retired, I’ve been told this every day since….

No, number one, not two;

I’m talking about the mail man with bad knees and yeah yeah, I get it, You’ve cleaned up your habit and went back- good for you- and got a two year degree;

all these girls with regular american names that are always so damn worried about what: so worried about keeping up with Dr Jones and who are somehow I guess nurses who are looking for a good man to marry get a baby a house some silverware some family pictures and divorce, because THAT”S WHAT YOU DO;

all these engineers that cant tell me what they do without stuttering and asking me what team I think will win the BIG GAME;

and all these drunk college rich kids now cooks and owners of bars who sell good drugs and complain about the kids, and the dream man, SURROUNDED;

by truck drivers who hate me and the local, some of them who I like to call, “the savages.”

Those were the days when people were…I don’t know.

Those were the days before sub-primes and bailouts and just the good time kinds of days of highlighting every single sentence of the book, Invitation to Sociology, by, I think his name was Peter Berger.

Those were the days before philosophy of the mind and the great awakening of how, just, damn, how pointless this is. What? And what is this? I DON’T KNOW.

The days of when…

Damn it man. I need a song, no, an album, and then some notes: 


  • Someone should just give me a TV show based on my writing for Encore or something. Do they exist anymore? Maybe Stars or whatever the hell. Some premium channel that wants to make a comeback. Spice? After seeing that show, GIRLS, I think that they must be just giving shows out to failed writers again. HOOK ME UP SOCIETY. I”M YOUR BROTHER MAN…man…an…n…HA!——-AND……………..
  • jr monkbird

2 thoughts on “Notes for 2/6/2013, The days of when…

  1. Thanks. I’ll keep your ad up here a bit for other people. But I don’t pay for people to edit my work. But thanks very much. I don’t mean to be rude, people pay me, that’s just the way it works or it doesn’t work at all. We could always make some kind of experimental plan, a partnership so to speak, one that may help both of us out, or not…. Just saying be cool and, Peace.

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