dot, dot, dot…(absurd source of the week #1)






But first, for enjoyment, maybe you have time, for some qualifiers:

Demis HassabisAge: 34 Born London Lives LondonBig idea: Hybrid Systems NeuroscienceQuote: “There are spaceships being launched all over the place right now, so how about launching a few into the mind.”

Gregory StockAge: 60 Born LA Lives PrincetonBig idea: The Planetary SuperorganismQuote: “Things are going to get very weird, relatively quickly.”

Transhumanism: “It’s humanism on steroids,” explains Max More. “It’s a view that we can improve the human condition: things like mortality, the inevitability of death; the limited capacity of our brains; the primitive state of our emotional systems.”

Extropy: The opposite of the natural tendency towards disorder and decay. “It’s about increasing levels of a system’s intelligence, its vitality, its experience, and its capacity and drive for improvement,” says More.

The singularity: The point at which accelerating technology profoundly changes human existence. Ray Kurzweil believes it will arrive in around 2045; Ben Goertzel wouldn’t be surprised if it arrived by 2015.

Ha, so here is your absurd source of the week:

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