Higher lower higher guitar banjo drum beat kick bass drum high hat low bass tone.

Two three four now and this, and here, oh man they’re all coming together, some kind of gypsy music, and I’m there, were all here, and the music , the same music as back then, the band, the same band, the same pals, and it’s the end, the end of the summer, and I know I said it before but everything, EVERYTHING IS COMING TOGETHER; the moon the stars and the clouds are forgiven for not shining down on the hell of a city tonight, and no big deal, rest up stars, and hell no it doesn’t matter because were all back, everyone, the kids now adults, old friends all back playing the tunes of the same ones that we always played man, always.

All back for another adventure, another taxi drive home, another losing my mind, and that’s just it, that’s what often enough all of us humans live for, and man you know, right, what’s that? The moment, the time when you’re not even thinking, going crazy on the town not even because of the drinking, but because of the friends and the night and not caring for one second in your life that you are dying, that one of you has already died, and damn bless his soul but he’s with you too, because back, we’re all back losing our minds and forgetting about the self, just seeing old friends and old pubs and old gals drinking old brews under old lights on old city streets under older sky down here where it felt so important, but really, wasn’t that important, ever…

Not all of it anyway.


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