Albert Camus, Just a Life.

From Albert Camus Face Book Page

“On this day in 1960 Albert Camus was killed in a car crash outside Paris, at the age of forty-seven. The incomplete manuscript of The First Man, the autobiographical novel that Camus was working on at his death, was found in the mud at the accident site and published by his daughter in 1995. Camus hoped that it would be his masterpiece and some critics think it is, even unfinished. “

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2 thoughts on “Albert Camus, Just a Life.

  1. Camus was a great thinker, but I don’t always agree with him. I have had friends who come closer to the ones who call when you need them to, and leave you alone when that’s what you want, and vice versa; perhaps I was just lucky. I do agree with him that human experience is not to be contained in any one, or two, or forty, philosophies, or ideologies. Those who do so are committing a crime against the human race.

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