Happy Holidays, from Adventures in American Writing

Real Books for Robots. 

Santa Claus isn’t real.

After that cynical comment I walked to the door, and ha, got a box of book store quality versions of Sleep Walking Under the Moon Soul of Lake Michigan in today, spent all my money on getting these books made. Seeing them in real life I’m kinda impressed. I did a hell of a job on them, they look real good. The cover design and formatting is real interesting for a book, it’s clean but artistically refined while still appearing spontaneous, which its not, because I spent 7 months making and writing em’. I’ll try and post some pictures to show off just how good they look in real life..not now, later, because now, it’s time for a swell.


CIMG0005 CIMG0007


           Who You going to call?


My parents got me a Nintendo for Christmas. Like most kids back then I was excited. I opened it up, touched the box, but wait, it hit me, “It didn’t come with any games” I said. I’m not sure who, but whatever parent I had at the time said, “I know. Going to have to save up to get one.” I didn’t even hook it up. I couldn’t get a job, it was Christmas day. I didn’t have any money, I was only eight.Later in the day I played ghost busters in the park with this little pal of mine. I said a “ghost is coming”. And this kid, he was a dumb kid. With a make believe ghost coming we climbed up the slide. Standing two stories up in the air there wasn’t much snow on that day either. He had his ghost busters toy pack on. I had my snowsuit. “I got a Nintendo for Christmas” he said. “Me too” I said. “What games you get, I got gremlins 2 the new batch”. “I didn’t get any games, told I need to buy my own”. “What” my pal said. I didn’t have a come back, or some witty remark, I was still a kid, but I was pissed. “A GHOST IS COMING” I SAID. “What?” “A GHOST IS COMING!WE HAVE TO GET TO THE MILLENNIUM FALCON NOW!” Of course there wasn’t any ghost coming, because even then I knew they didn’t exist, but we were just kids, kids playing outside in the park with our imagination. I don’t know why he freaked out when I said that, but he was, only six. So yeah, I slid down the slides pole like a fireman, more like a real ghost buster, looked up at my pal, and damn, he was dancing around like a nervous idiot. “Slide down man, the ghost is going to slime you”. “I cant do it”. “What are you talking about” I said, and then, well, my little pal, he just jumped down all the way from the top of the slide and I watched him fall-ing,…., and oh man oh man I thought as I moved out of the way that shit, he’s screwed. He just dropped on the ground, thought a ghost was coming, and he broke one leg and one arm, one left and one right, and was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Watching my pal getting carted away I couldn’t believe he just, jumped. And I forgot about the Nintendo and the no games, because man, for one of the first times ever, shit got real.

All joking and story telling aside, I’ll be spending the holidays alone, by choice, but yeah, make sure to have a great time with your families. Be nice to them, and  don’t be too safe, or you might hurt yourself. Enjoy the rest of this year, 2012.

Alright, and now, for a swell. Peace!


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