Standing there

A judge once asked me, “What we’re going to do about this?”

I said “I don’t know.”

“I don’t know either” She said, “But you’re free to go. We can’t hold you for this.”

“Am I?” I asked

“Are you what?”

“Am I free?”

She almost laughed as I smiled back at Her through the closed circuit television screen, as the other inmates didn’t have a clue, for them this was all a routine, some kind of scam, and as I was listening to the buzzing of doors and getting lost in the coldness of the deputy’s eyes, The Judge looked at me and said, “if I was you I’d get out of this city. What are you doing here?  Come on, tell me, and don’t be a smart ass.”

I didn’t have anything to tell her, I didn’t know. After that, well I disappeared, and as I still do today, I ran from trouble, even the trouble that I started. Quick like a growing wolf I know when it’s time to get a move on.

No trouble for the most part these days. Quick talker and quick learner and nothing ever but a persistent dreamer. Always just walking –looking and running, while writing it all down.

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