Book done now off to NOLA

My new book is done. The bigger one is going to have to wait. Now back to moving and then working on some new stuff. Going to be writing about New Orleans next and getting back to adventures of a dying young man. I worked really hard on this book and think it’s really good . I probably will put part two out later at the end of winter before spring regardless of how part one is received  It took me about six months and 30-40 hours a week and is eighty pages long. It’s dark and strange but I think if you like my writing on here you will really enjoy it. The writing is as perfect as I can get it. Much more revised and clean, and It’s only eight dollars. I’ll make about 2 dollars each sold. This is all I do. I’m a writer.  If you follow these posts consider buying my books. Hope everyone has a good holidays. Thanks for reading.

After Picture of cover for new book, where you can click to buy, is a short section from Adventures of a dying young man, the book I’ll be getting back to when I get down to New Orleans. 

Click on Picture below to buy Sleep Walking Under The Moon Soul Of Lake Michigan




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