Just more paperwork. Fall/Winter Notebook, page 3,

And looking at my email outbox I can only laugh as see that nobody has taken a bite out of the almost 200 professional resumes I’ve sent out the past month for positions within the publishing and media industry, and since I’m not  going to quit writing, as well as far removed from being a fresh college graduate; with two finished manuscripts waiting for me to get back to them and finish after I’m done with Sleep Walking Under The Moon Soul of Lake Michigan; well with all of that I’ve decided to throw my name back into the ring of  numerous fellowships and residencies around the United States and even a couple abroad. I encourage those with similar demeanor as me to do the same thing. Below is one I’ve been working on tonight with a video to inspire.

Before I head out for the day, I’m working on my one page condensed bio. Should be able to share that with the world sometime in the next day. Back to editing til midnight and then for a late night jog, a beer, and then bed. Peace.

The Steinbeck Fellows Program of San José State University was endowed through the generosity of Martha Heasley Cox. It offers new writers of any age and background a $10,000 fellowship to finish a significant writing project. Named in honor of author John Steinbeck, the program is guided by his lifetime of work in literature, the media, and environmental activism.



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