Random notes and thoughts while editing and rewriting the book(in reverse up to present)


Nice looking storm. Be safe society.

Waking up from my four hours of sleep that feels like 12, I was dreaming about this: ha, and it’s one of the coolest things humans have ever done. http://voyager.jpl.nasa.gov/

always good (my ears) to hear this song walking to the smoke store drinking some oj, and orange juice,is my health insurance. lol. rock out monday. Dont let the media scare you.

Penguin and Random House agree merger

This storm is confusing the shit out of CNN. Fox news is really worried about the freedom tower. ABC already tied in pirates of the Caribbean with some old ship that is lost at sea. With all that said, I have absolutely no clue what’s going on and how bad it really is. It does however, feel like the american news media wants this thing to destroy the world.

This is that ship that ABC kept bringing up in corresponding to the pirates movies. WTF? This whole social fiasco has to be fake.

The Only thing I have to say to you society concerning the (maybe media) storm of the century, is this (taken from the great jurassic park debacle):

Full Moon Tonight. I’m going to be an aquatic werewolf pounding brews and singing the folkin’ blues on the sand dunes watching fifty foot waves. Better not disappoint weather people with your apocalyptic forecasts, or ill be sending a letter.

Yet again, I managed to break a pair of headphones. Today a car literally ran them over when they fell out of my pocket. Everyday is a hurricane for me. Windows are always falling.

I’m done with society. I’ll live in it. But for the most part, I’m done.

This would be a great time for an alien invasion to actually go down.

“So they thought it was better to go out back to sea, instead of docking in port? The ship ended up sinking because they drifted towards the middle of the storm? It was a tall ship? A helicopter rescue? The super storm? Days before Halloween? A full moon? They face-booked it all, right up to the sinking? A true story? All this happened during an election year? A Black president? True story? Really? Yes. Yes. Yes. “Call Disney for a check. I’m on this screenplay already”…. (imaginary thoughts of Jerry Brukheimer.)http://www.cnn.com/2012/10/29/us/sandy-bounty-ship/index.html

Theme some for my drinking to The Bounty Later. Booze cruise starting at 2.pm.

Doing normal things I tell ya. Walking home after thinking about the absurdity of karma and filling out red cross paper work, and as I already told you, I was without my headphones because a car ran them over yesterday. So I was about to light a smoke and listen to this song, but my stupid damn life, and of course a tree would crack and in-slow… motion, it just, fell over. This is the second tim

e (in 4 days) that something just decided to die in front of me and try and take me with em’. First was this old window, just shattered in front of my face without any causation before I went out drinking Saturday night. My hands were blue and feet wet from walking in the lake, and my neck has been hurting so I didn’t move it too high in order to see exactly what was going on with this tree, The tree that was falling down towards me in the rain, cold as shit outside too. I wasn’t even shocked, and for some reason I didn’t even try to get out of the way. Shrugging my shoulders it happened so fast but I think that I must have just shaken my head. But don’t worry society, not like you do, but somehow, I didn’t get hurt. My skinny monkey-frame allowed me to fit-in-between the branches, but the fence and the bird-bath is now dead. Messed up. Welcome to my life society. Be safe. Everything is trying to kill me. And so it goes. (the song was Jens Lekman – The Opposite Of Hallelujah, You tube doesn’t seem to be working now. 
“Gergiev is known for his extreme touring habits, conducting concerts in multiple continents in a single day, and showing up at the stage door to a concert hall – in street clothes – five minutes before his performance is to begin. He is also known to tour with substantial programs and ample sponsorship deals. The Mariinsky’s final tour stop at Carnegie Hall on Halloween is to end with Strauss’s ode to heroism: Ein Heldenleben.”
“Andrew, Did you hear about Disney Buying Lucas Flims 5.4 Billion! More Flims and Cartons,Disney is going to ruin the franchise!”
“what? I have a bad feeling about this.”
“The president has been all over this, and he deserves great credit…He gave me his number at the White House and told me to call him if I needed anything, and he absolutely means it. It’s been very good working with the president and his administration. It’s been wonderful.” – New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Morning Joe
Blah. Editing is destroying me. Writing used to be easy, not as good, sexier per say, more rock and roll pints of vodka. Blah. I’m just like those voyagers, lost in space, but going somewhere, who cares, whatever. Time to smoke in the cold. Waiting to hear if I’m allowed to help society with moving stuff around. Nobody’s awake, only talking to myself, roll of the eyes, and so it goes.
This has been the strangest string of days for society in a long time. Fucking Disney buying Star Wars puts it over the top.
I’m going to be interviewed on a radio show about writing and what not, sometime the end of November. I promise to let you know so you can listen to me stutter and talk in-long mumbled sentences without periods followed with abrupt and silent confusion, It will be really awkward. Thank you. Now to go put these razor blades in these apples… lol, I’m kidding society. Calm down. cant we even joke anymore. I thought this was america.
You just have to keep going. Back there doesn’t exist anymore, and it probably never did. You just have to keep going. There’s no other way.
Beer and smoke break and theme song for the increase activity of my manic mood swings while I’m editing a book based on emotions that I lived through and were drafted and buried in the part of my past that I’ve long progressed and matured from. They say don’t rehash old thoughts and demons. Well this is exactly what the writer does. Why did I ever sign up for this bullshit. not a question. Ahh life.
That flat beer that’s 2.99 a sixer, only drink one and I feel like I might die. And happy hour at 6 in the morning is a solitary activity for men like me. Anyway…so, what the plan, for anything?
Ten Michigan newspapers endorsed Captain Crunch for the Michigan Supreme Court!
Everything in my life is on hold. A collection turned into another attempt at writing the great american novel. I’m hoping my hands get cut off in a freak accident, then I can just look at things and be like yeah, that’s something, and without my paws I’d been seen cutting ties with the chains of this concept we call ‘writer’ (doing that anyway). Why’d you write a book? Well I needed a gallon of milk and I didn’t want to work in retail anymore….um, That’s basically it society. lol. k. bye.
Schedule until Friday: sleep 4-5 hours when tired, work for 15-17 hours, and in between that frame you have me eating captain crunch and canned soup and posting shit and smoking and thinking circular thoughts and canceling shit that I’m supposed to do in society. This video can help and act as a kind of buffer for depression. Scroll on. (after last video. Takes you to a place you can buy a book of mine. Buy one. or Don’t.)

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