Now. Selection from upcoming poetry and prose collection.

(This is the only one I’m posting, I’ll let you know when the book is done)


Taken from an upcoming collection called,

Sleep Walking Under The Moon Soul of Lake Michigan

Always. These words are what binds us, ghosts, forever, links us, drops us, rains us, along dimensions of concepts without names, for those alive with the goodness of the human chain of events. Zeros, light, stars, crunch, tears, yes, we’re here.
These words are particles of the future of Love. And peace. Be nice. Be cool. Be you. Calm the sway of life. Learn. Grow. Drop. Fail. Just keep going. The world can and will be better. “I hope, I think, I know”. Noel Gallagher said that. Be Here Now. Also a book. The album came out in 1997, or was it 6? The book, written by a hippie man of the time traveling variety, typed thirty years earlier, I think, really, I don’t know. Doesn’t matter. Who cares what year the past of the now was born, because hear, wait, yes; the thunderstorm of the next now brings pain to the warrior’s soul. Only care, life; The future of love. Wild. Beast. Hut in arms of heat, of warmth, of different tongues.
Now. Now. Now…
Evolve. Survive. Grow.
“Bed Peace. Hair Peace”. John Lennon said that, and Yoko. Her husband was killed within the confusion of peace.
With song. Lost in revolt. For love. And peace. Lost.
Now. Don’t.

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