Just trying to live. Learning how to do everything again and again, and again. 

Seriously, people don’t get how much that I quote on quote, “work”. For me I would love to just write and write and never finish anything. Like right now, to the left of my desk is my typewriter, and on the sheet of paper placed within there’s a story that I just started about waking up in your bedroom, that is now a space capsule orbiting the solar system, and you have no way out; you have to wait until you orbit close enough to earth to call for help. Ha. Anyway, living is strange, so here is a picture and a video. I don’t expect anybody to really listen and watch the video. Just an idea that I will play around with later. Maybe just for documentation for when I’m older. What I read silently is from a short time travelin’ story. I was going to rush that out, but I have some projects and life to take care of, you know, learn how to live first. I had to whisper in the video, because people were having a party across the way and I didn’t want to be yelled at for reading out loud.  Ha. Story of an american writer right there. Oh Poverty, you’re such a charmer. Ha. Ok. So I’m going to be getting a book out soon and then I’m editing some other peoples writing, formatting and printing it on West Vine Press. Actually have some job interviews I have to shape up and get myself ready for. I was hoping the right one would come around, and it will, but for now I have to help out anybody or company or branch of society that calls on me. I’m not picky right now. Trying to grow up, but also being a writer/artist/whatever, in this modern climate is different, and yeah, that’s it; it’s just different. I’m one track mind and I’m sure of myself, being humble but going the way I see best. I care about what I see.

Blah. So not sure what else there is. Back to work. So it goes.

P.S. If you have an idea for a future West Vine Press book or collection, or you’re a writer that would like to release it with the now growing “us”, well let me know and if it fits with the style and the mood I would be happy to outline some ideas with said person, writer of said words. This is no longer self publishing. It is an independent publisher. Tax forms to prove how idealistic this whole thing actually is. Ha.

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