The Post Depression Years

The Post Depression Years, a subjective but objectively and empirically valid historical interview with case number 26241981524362 

Everyone knows that water has no taste

His name is H.A Weller. This is what he said:

“These memories , this night life, well all of this just helps all of us mumblers, helps us sad drunkards to forget. We never forgot, and this was starting to become a problem. We could drink ourselves until our hearts exploded, but still our brains would always remember what hurt us. The drinking only reaffirmed the loss. The drinking only drilled the old faces that were never coming back deep within both our conscious -unconscious and always dreaming lives. We couldn’t forget, but well, yep, we just kept on drinking. Odd thing though, somehow the booze just made us remember everything, even clearer. I could even taste and smell without direct emotion the pain, and well, that tasted good. The beer that is, of course not the pain, that tasted like bottled water.

Just like everyone else I came into this bar and drank away my social theorist money with the people I analyzed at the “behavioral science lab”, which was owned by, well, let’s just call them the color orange. And yeah, you can see the predicament that I was in. I was being a complete hypocrite. Someone should have been analyzing me. I was the unseen variable. I was the one that was lost. But nope, I was the one responsible for correlating people like me. But I was working within the system. I was the numbers guy. I was the specialist. I was the guy that was paid salary to break down society’s code. I was the doctor. I was the one that observed you and you and you, and even you, as merely numbers in some grand dysfunctional social experiment. And well, as it so happened, I was also a complete drunk. But like all rubber bands, like all objects made to bend, well it was only a matter of time before I would end up snapping back into reality, in time that it is. And that TIME is not NOW. I’m still on my spree. I’m still going mad. I’m still drinking my water. I’m still a drunkard. It tastes good. The beer that is. Not the water, for everyone knows that water has no taste.”

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