Dino-Riders, Hey I just wanted to ride a T-rex

Reporting and writing from  somewhere around Ossineke Michigan. I think I may have lost it, or found it, but I have no regrets. I’m having fun, loving life, just wandering around and doing what I never would have thought I would even attempt. I’m Going to try and freight further north-west for only the third time in my life. You just have to get it before the train moves and lay low. Anyway, real fucked up night. I think I almost got shot. thank goodness for trees. Toshiba cobalt blue and I are havin a real Michigander adventure. No days off. Woods too close to noise. Taking the train that way. peace. Waiting for some music to load before the web is locked down. 

Took a ride into the prehistoric park, only burning leafs. Dying summer bugs. Flame from a plastic lighter. My fingers hurt. Losing tension. Need a blood transfusion. Tired. Lonely. Not really. Bells. Sounds. Grass moving. Waiting. Not really. Writing. Typing. A short story. Not really. I don’t have a car. I move by air. The back roads and swamped tracks. The dive bars. The low down terminals with

 beaten eyes, and I don’t have a single memory of happiness. My shoes are holy. I don’t care. Not really. Bending these fingers, to type these words, and for what? To feel Everything. To feel alive. Running back to the woods. A dog running from trucks. Rain splash and gun shots pop by two, silence. Drinking for warmth. Sleeping for death. I’m the definition of the word courage.
 — at Dinosaur Gardens.

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