Unknown for Now


I fear the unknown


The sounds that don’t care

Fear the end of this written song



The wood that it may tip over and burn the forest down


Always the fear of death


That I’m not a nice enough person

And man

As an American

As a man

As an American man


That I won’t be a good father

A respected writer

A respected man

An American man


That the words won’t come

That the moon won’t rise

That the sun will once again orbit the earth

Fear of what

Of this

Of these sounds alone in the woods

Fear of what comes from my mind

That I won’t be a good lover

A peaceful protester

A wise old man



That nobody will listen

That I will stop caring

That the future will just happen

That the bombs will get dismantled

And I just sat around

Fear that nobody will bother

To see the laughter

That I write with

Fear that I can’t stop

Can’t stop the noises from coming out in the night

Cant stop my fingers from typing because I’m diseased

Fear that I will die in the woods alone so happy

Fear that my sister will never really know her brother

Fear that I will never know my children

Fear that I will never grow up



For what’s out there

For what I can’t see

For what’s killing behind me

In these woods

Under a full moon




For the highway miles away and the cars that are going


For the bug spray that is killing all these innocent insects

For the sleeping dogs and cats inside the house and the fear that

They love us so very much without question

For the papers that were trees and now fill bookshelves with my thoughts that have only brought more war

Fear for my country and my love which truly I say is my country

Fear that America is America and the fear that even someday this forest will be full of houses

No land untouched, too innocent to remain

No face or hands no dirt on digits

And even the bricks are an insect’s home

Fear for the animals in the woods that I fear without question

For the bats and the foxes and the spiders who I fear

For the ants with three sections who alone look so frightened and fast

Much like I look I fear when I take a


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