A 24 hour subjective mash up in Reverse. (contains bad words society)

I made that, for fun, to do my part. Now for some music to read along with.

This is good Sunday Sun music to blend with the grass and the falling shadows, and as ants crawl over my toes I don’t even care; everything just is smashed together with my coffee buzz and this super duper hangover that I’ve inflicted upon my poor existence, and man, it’s a real mother-what-cha-er-mouth. I’m kinda enjoying it. 

Drunk, and I was a one man revolution, taking on every dumb ass american in sight. I recall this weasel when I was sitting on a bench, and he kept calling me bill nye the science guy. I said shut the fuck up, he was hiding behind some other fat boy. I said let’s roll. I guess nobody wanted a knife fight. what the fuck are these memories that are slowly forming within this dome of mine? Ah, what a life.

Oh Sunday. How you are stupid. An oh, some marine said he was going to kill me last night. I said so let’s go, let us do some killin. Man,did i give that fat boy some shit. Sorry fat boy.

Black out. Dang. Now that was getting the job done.

drink as shit qnd bad new beqrs, bye.

Sorry for the middle finger, I was just pissed. I think I would end up experimenting with the heaviest of drugs if they come along in the next couple hours. Hypothetically speaking. My whole life turns out is a fraud. So in celebration to the depressing news, I’m about to play a lil game I like to call Edward forty hands, with one fifth of vodka and one Budweiser 40 oz. Stay out of my way tonight society. This is my pre-game.

“Elect Kuharevicz/Chef Boyardee Twenty-Twelve. Why Not? Go Fuck Yourself.”

I should have put the dog down when it was still an option. Now, Waiting for the sunrise, then I’m climbing some buildings and taking some shots of another September, the last one, before the fall of america.

No days off.

“It was a huge part of Western culture that the heavens were forever and unchanging,” said University of Michigan astronomer Fred Adams, who has written books on the beginning of the universe and the end.”

This is when it started. This was the first week of summer for michigan, the 1st weekend in march. It was 89. The sun exploded.

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