Just Do Something…

Let’s change the game. Let’s stop this concept of Occupying with misguided dissent, as in Occupy Wall-Street,  because that seems, hypocritical. Think about it. Do we really want to be lined up in the same part of the dictionary as our two post nine-eleven wars? Just do something. Make your own job, form an idea and transform it with age into some kind of business, founded on a universal code of human ethics, with some futuristic dreams of a possible utopia. Think for yourself. Remake your country. Everything is there. Don’t rock the vote. Don’t vote or die. Vote for yourself. Don’t follow the leader, walk side by side as friends. Think globally and locally, at the same level, at the same time. Travel to other cities and countries within the internet. Use social media for what it’s for, to make connections with your culture, all cultures, all humans that stand for freedom, for what’s right, for everything that doesn’t violate individual civil rights. Humans, generation, it’s your turn, now create whatever you want. Occupy your mind, every street, every building, in every time zone. Do whatever you want, but just do something. I trust you. Don’t get pissed, just do something. Peace!


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