Just a Note, Just A Plan, an update of sorts

Writing a novel isn’t easy, a great one, almost insanity, and you have to be sharp and not scatter brained, maybe my youth or personality is playing against me, but you have to be disciplined, and I was, I’m not right now. 

That being said, I have a ton of good work on here, and my mind is so messed up from this most turbulent of summers that I’m going to make a new project for myself so I can focus on moving and also gaining the type of momentum and fine tuned eye that I had, and then lost, early on in June, when my life just started to completely fall apart.

I’m going to be making two new books. One that is an edited and ordered collection of my summer notebook. The other will be a shorter book of my favorite posts that I drafted for this blog. This will give me time to not  worry about my novels for the next month or so, but still getting my writing chops sharpened so that when I get to my new location I can devote four to five hours after wherever I work to these two novels of mine that will be done by the end of this year. So what I’m saying is that if you want everything I do for free, well get it now, because some of my past is going to be bounded and fine tuned and placed in book-form,  and even if nobody buys it, I’m not giving it away for free. Cool. Peace!

The adventure is getting back on course, and dang it man I almost lost it completely.  Full steam ahead. 

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