Abomunist Manifesto. Writing Thoughts by Bob Kaufman, 1

Written by an Earthworm sometime during the year of 1925

I.            Abomunists Join nothing but their hands or legs, other same.

II.            Abomunists Spit anti-poetry for poetic reasons and frink.

III.            Abomunists Do not look at pictures painted by presidents and unemployed prime ministers.

IV.            Abomunists Read newspapers only to ascertain their own Abominubility

V.            Abomunists Believe that the solution of religious bigotry is to trade religions.

VI.            Abomunists Do not write for money; They write the money itself.

  1. Abomunists Believe only what they dream only after it comes true.
  2. Abomunists Reject everything except snowman.

IX.            Abomunists Main function is to unite the soul with oatmeal cookies.

X.            Abomunists Love love, hate hate, drink drinks, smoke smokes, live live, die deaths.

XI.     Abomunists Write writing, or nothing at all.

  1. Abomunists Poetry, in order to be completely understood, should be eaten, except on fast days, slow days, and mornings of execution.
  2. Abomunists, Could they be a color, would be green, and tell everyone to go.
  3. Abomunists Use real names at false hotels.
  4. Abomunists When attacked think positive, repeating over and under: “If I were a crime, I’d want to be committed…NO!…WAIT!”
  5. Abomunists Demand suppression of illegal milk traffic.
  6. Abomunists Luagh Laugh, Cry Cry, Live Live, Help Help, Fight Fight, Wink Wink.

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