Five reasons People Think I’m Strange (NO PICTURES)

Taken From my Local Sunday Opinion Page. I see through all of this like the wind that blows through my swollen up and bullshit ridden eyes, and I just say “man oh man, read it, read IT, read all of these I guess words and thoughts and  conceptually lazy and speculative and PAID-for writing. And this is why people think it’s strange that I make my own books, that I write, that I luagh at these headlines in my Paper and nobody at this moment thinks I will make anything out of my life. Whatever any of that Means….so in no particular order….(so laughable and well its lovely today and all of those boring words with only questions and no hope, well yeah they make me want to just grow that mountain man beard again and just go and wander and whistle and yeah just head off to Appalachia and get lost and happy man, HAPPY. For real, I’m glad I was born an incurable optimist. )

  1. Just How Clintonesque does Romney Want to be? 
  2. Are you sure you want all that Bipartisanship 
  3. Bible Should have told him so, On gay marriage Obama has read it wrong. 
  4. Move Farmer Market to Central Downtown 
  5. Do House Democrats Need a rallying cry this year? Cohesive agenda has worked in past elections;no sign of one this year




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