Glued hands, Hearing Voices, and Goodbye Maurice

I’m just typin’ notes and making some books with a candle  dancing and the echoes of the pipes breathing, with the clock hissing and spinning my life towards the light that will come from another one of those days, and while this happens I’m thinking about the  number of seconds that will go by in my lifetime. I’m just making stuff alone at three A.M and about to make some coffee after I eat a taco left over from dinner, so yeah, while I’m doing this I’ve been listening to poets and composers and painters speak. The first is from a great radio broadcast on NPR called Hearing Voices, and the other is one of the last interviews with Maurice Sendak.

Alright, and now for coffee time and taco time and a tap tap typin’ key time. P.S, and hopefully not a stomach tumblin’ ache and a’ feelin’ sick time. K. Bye. 

The courage and ability to keep going: “man must be stronger than the machine. If he becomes weaker than the machine he becomes only a part of such a machine.” Ernst Neizventny

From one of the last interviews with Maurice Sendak:

“I’m getting old and I’m working on what I want to.”

As you listen to him talk about his life and coming death it will inspire you, remind you that you’re merely a human, and also remind you that happiness is always there.

Man I cried a bit as I was typing up my notes. “I like getting old” Maurice says laughing, and he really gets to you when he says, “I am in love with the world”.And When he talks about how beautiful his maple trees are that are outside is window he reminds you that a writer writes about being alive, you know,  only being human.

And I laughed when he said “I don’t know anymore, and I don’t care”, and I laughed and almost cried again when he said, “but I might be crazy, you might be talking to a crazy person.”

And Maurice-Maurice oh how he even talked about his coming death when he said “I’m ready, I’m ready, I’m ready”, and yeah, I’m ready too, ready to return to where the wild things are, ready to live for people like him that have died and rest your soul Maurice because you were one of the good ones.

“Live your life-live your-live your life”, he said, and I will, and I hope you do the same. Not Maurice, he died, I’m telling You to remember to live your life.

Goodbye Maurice.

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