Doodles of Adventures of a Dying Young Man and late night Writing Shenanigans

shenanigans plural of she·nan·i·gans (Noun)

  1. Secret or dishonest activity or maneuvering.
  2. Silly or high-spirited behavior; mischief.


Prior, this machine is slower than me and man I’m in good spirits right now, so I have to write and dance in my seat, even though I have more business like things to do. But writing is fun and man just put it off and forget the world of doing what you’re told, yeah child, just write and love. It’s time to groove and talk without hesitation and get back to the character that is Henry. But first I want to spin in my head and talk about all words and my lucky oh so lucky life and the sun that I will see today, and paint, yes paint, cause I’m going to buy some paint today and paint the back porch before the spiders hatch and the southern humidity once again comes back to these parts and soon the Swedish relatives will arrive ….drum-drum-drump? Not drump! Drum! Drum with joy and tap-tap lil ol typin man with his good ol typin fingers, and so with that said a one and a two…and once again I’m making a break and where I’m I going? I’m going back to wherever Henry is NOW.

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