This is How I write,

Click pictures to read pictures and makes em larger er something. I went out tonight and it was what it was and I don’t look people in the eyes cause they always want to fight me cause they think I want their girls or something ha ha…But before I was told I need to get out of the house I was working up a storm on the end of my full book called adventures of a dying young man, and I knew it was never done cause i felt where i left off was not the end. This book will be the end of Henry Oldfield, I’m done writing about him, and who knows yet how it ends. and I was really cooking along and man, I was told you need to get out of the fucking house Andrew, so I did. But this is how I type and I’m told that I’m weird and nobody does this like me anymore. But I write with a candle and a typewriter and go through so many drafts and that’s why I have so many incomplete manuscripts. I need to get better but this is what most of my writing looks like at the first draft, misspelled and a fucking mess but I think it’s beautiful, and if you look at the original pages I think this is art and you can get a glimpse at where the end of the book is going to and maybe become but who knows, and I think this might be a great great book, one of the best ha. I don’t know but yeah I wanted to show society. Alcohol makes me unproductive and I never write messed up, and I don’t drink that much anymore because one sip and I’m done for. Ha .Anyway I’m going to find a movie and try to turn this brain of mine off. Peace society


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