A Friday Night Reading…Alone (quick update.)

Below are a few books and sections from the books that  I’m reading. 

The April rain is here and everyone is out at the bars. I’m not going, because I have nothing to talk about and only could get yelled at. My books are coming along and I’m going to edit ten pages tonight and then I’m just going to read. I’m going to make some coffee clean my desk and then  well yeah, I’m just going to smoke and read and look at walls. I might even practice my reading of the stranger in french. I don’t know how to speak french at all, but my favorite writer is Albert Camus, and I’ve read the stranger so many times I know it basically by heart. If I ever have kids maybe that can be one of their bed time stories, ha. Anyway so I purchased the french version of the book and re-read it over and over and I think I’m soaking some of the style in, either-way maybe I’m learning something , maybe nothing, still it’s been fun. I’ll post new writing of mine and a better update sometime tommroow, but yeah cheers to a night of reading yawning and listening for the sneaker sounds of the ghosts who walk on my dusty wood floors. Have a goodweekend. Bye.   One is Camus. Two is Raw Youth. Three is Stendhal. .                                                                                                                                                                            


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