Another Week is Here, Let’s See What Happens. (Update and Write about Life)

Today started out funky for me. Monday, oh monday, and sunday was off and on and contained both some good with some bad. In Michigan some of the days during the spring are reminders of the winter. The air was cold, the sun was moody, and even the dog wasn’t diggin’ the world where she only had to roll out of bed. I went to bed and got some much-needed sleep, and well, yeah then I woke up with a headache and that feeling that no inspiration or adjective can truly depict just how shit-like that I felt. But I got up, read, looked at my lists-to-do, and now the week is here, and at seven p.m I think I’m at last ready to go back to work.

I do work for many people in the community, mostly elders who need some yard work ordown by the lakes, and I live right on the coast of Lake Michigan and Lake Muskegon, and I spend a lot of time pulling up metal and getting the docks ready for the out of townies that will be by the herds once again storming into town for the summer.

Today, after drinking some coffee and reading the dictionary, writing a song to get the happiness going, well man, my back hurt, and it hurt bad, probably from sitting during the week, and maybe from sleeping for as long as I did this weekend.

During the week I get about four hours a sleep a night, and on the weekend, maybe up to fifteen. I eat well and stretch, and for some reason even at almost thirty-one years old people think I must work out or something, but the truth is that I just haven’t changed at all since I was eighteen. Besides a little less fluff to my hair, well I still look like that ol Dreamin’ and aimlessly wandering Drew.

And I’m sure it will catch up with me, but I’m a firm believer in leveling everything out. I smoke, and that’s bad, but I walk five miles a day, so that’s good. I think just like the cold and the warmth and those moods you awake with, well I think you have to take the good with the bad, and well yeah, so far this has helped me. I used to drink too much, now I drink maybe a half bottle of beer a day. I’m not quite the rock and roll writer that I used to be, but I feel younger than I did when I was the biggest boozer on the block. I really don’t even know how I traveled so much a few years ago, somehow I just ended up places and got really lucky. Anyway…

When I went to mow the Grass today this (pictured at first paragraph) sailed into the yard,the picture was lost from a young artist out there within this world that started with lots of pain. The drawing well it looks like something I would have created when I was a kid, only there would be more wolfs; mi amor lobos, or so said all of my Spanish papers in elementary school. This made me smile and helped me forget about my ageing old man back pain.

So for the week in Writing the plan is to start working on my collection tonight, edit for two hours, then edit Adventures of a dying young man for two hours, write something new for one hour, and then type up some of the bizarre adventures of dinosaur Africa monk-bird and his rainbow-colored gold-fish, and pretty much repeat that everyday this week.

And yeah, I hope everyone has a very inspired, safe and enjoyable week. Another week is here, Let’s see What happens. P.S: Below are a few picture that I wrote a poem to. I post for others that may need a kick to get the written life jump started. April in the Midwest can give you those melancholy feelings of what’s the point, at least for me, and yeah, so it goes. Bye.

2 thoughts on “Another Week is Here, Let’s See What Happens. (Update and Write about Life)

  1. Thanks for the inspiration,now I just need to. Couple that with motivation for writing when inspired-images flow easier than words most times but words become more freeing somehow.

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