Questions for Humanity. Included are the A, B,C, and the Z variable.

So I can’t sleep. And I don’t know, I thought I would ask the humans a question, but coming up with questions to ask humanity is difficult. Because as a person I can’t really make sense (I’m just a monkey) with how we even talk to each other in the first place, let alone ask another human something to help me comprehend the world. Still, ill give it a shot.

First episode season One: Question for Humanity number one:

(A)Is it human nature to want to close in on one another? People move to the cities, and in alien invasions I think that’s where they go first, cause that’s where the aliens can find the most humans. I mean if you’re hunting things you go where the herd is most concentrated, then you work out towards the exterior. Next you hunt, and then you make hunting a sport in order to preserve the sport, your history, of the lore of conquest; that is, you hunt and create history, if you can make money from it. For Money, even without meaning, is a form of conquest preservation…?

(B)Then you have the internet. shrinking people and bottling their own voices and thoughts into nothingness. We get closer and closer and have more control placed on us. We try to keep adults children forever. Inside and out. Not explaining but collapsing, as if our society is a collapsing star, an imploding black hole. Human nature…?

(C)So I sit and think. That’s what I’m doing, and it’s hard to concentrate on what question I would like to ask humanity. But now, you can get arrested on the internet, from lands over oceans where you weren’t even born, and this, that, well that isn’t what is called Freedom…?

(Z)What we see here, is a collapsing star, a declining empire trying to shrink the minds of the masses so they can hold onto whatever silly and childish scheme they have left. We’re no longer americans. We are whatever-so it goes, and really, I don’t have a clue what any of this means. These are just questions for you to reply to or kinda just say huh? P.S Humans. The Font calibre sucks. Thanks for that one Microsoft . High Five. In Space. In Your Face…?

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